The Days of ‘Calling for a Ride’ are Over, Announcing More People Booking Online than Ever Before.

Following the results of research into how passengers source their airport cars, Global Sedan meets the growing demand for online services with the launch of their new website.

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United States of America – Following extensive research into both their own bookings and those in the wider industry, Global Sedan can today announce that more passengers are booking online than ever before.


The airport car hire company, operating throughout the United States, have been keeping a close eye on industry trends for many years. In fact, the company have even launched a new website to ensure they continue to dominate the airport car hire industry.


“Our team have noticed a drastic increase in the number of people now booking their chauffeur-driven driven vehicles online” says Joseph WILLIAMS, Owner of Global Sedan.

He continues, “If you combine the rise in mobile devices with the speed of booking via the web, the results of our research become obvious.” Wanting to offer their users the best possible booking experience, Global Sedan built their new online reservation system with one goal in mind – the ability to reserve any vehicle in less than two minutes. In fact, if you call the company they also promise to answer in less than five seconds.


“The industry is changing, and it has never been more important for companies to put customer service as their top priority. The amount of information online has made the consumer more inquisitive than ever – and they now demand flexible booking options as well as timely responses” Joseph adds.


The research carried out by Global Sedan also measured the popularity of hiring an airport car verses parking a car at an airport or relying on a ride from a friend.

Again, the results swung in the industry’s favor.

For example, it made it clear that hiring an airport car is as popular now as it has ever been.  Rising airport parking fees along with the ease of booking airport cars online contributed to this result.

“Also, don’t forget that people enjoy a touch of luxury every now and then. With cars for any size of party available, each is expertly driven and presented as a luxury mode of transportation” explains Joseph.


The company’s research also highlighted the importance of showing customers all of the options – something they were keen to demonstrate with their new website.

All car types, interiors and vehicle models are neatly showcased – again, allowing customers to book online and continue the current web-booking trend.


Concluding his study, Joseph hopes that the entire airport car hire industry will soon fall in line with the trends that technology is setting:

“We have attempted to put the power of online booking directly into the customers’ hands, as it’s obvious that this is the way they now want to secure their vehicles. We hope the rest of the industry will now follow suit” he says.


To visit the company’s new website and secure your chauffeur-driven airport car today, please visit:


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