Q: How can I open an account with you?

A: Global Sedan welcomes corporate and personal accounts. We offer personalized service to every client whether you are a first time client or a frequent client. You may open an account and make reservations by phone, Fax or Online Reservation form.

Q: Is Global Sedan a Search Directory of limousine company?

A: No, it is privately owned and managed by well-trained and dedicated employees(Not a limo search directory company)

Q: What types of payment do you accept?

A: Global Sedan accepts Cashiers checks, Company Checks, Wire Transfer, PayPal and all Major credit cards such as Visa, Master card, American Express, and Discover.

Q: Can we use our company sign or logo?

A: Yes, We can use your company sign or logo to meet your clients – you can email/fax your company logo or sign.

Q: Does Global Sedan provide free wait for airport pick ups?

A: Yes. You get 30 minutes free wait for Domestic flights and 45 minutes free wait for International flights. We check the arrival time with your airline, and change your order to reflect the new arrival time. Your free wait starts from that time. If it takes you longer to retrieve your luggage, or if you come out later than the allotted free wait, you will be charged for waiting time.

Q: What is the correct procedure to cancel my trip without being charged?

A: Global Sedan requires 4 hours notice prior for airport/local sedan services, and a minimum of 24hrs notice for hourly/ stretch limousine services. If you do not cancel your trip within this time frame then you will be charged 50% of the total amount or the fare price.

Q: Will I be picked up if my airport pickup is delayed, diverted, or ahead of Schedule?

A: Global Sedan dispatch department checks airport arrival times for each airport reservation. Drivers are kept informed of their passenger’s airport pickups. Waiting time begins 30 minutes after the airline’s scheduled arrival time.

Q: Will I be charged for a “No Show”?

A: Passengers must notify the office of any changes and /or cancellations to their reservations. They must notify the office of changes or cancellation within 4 hours for airport/local sedan services and a minimum of 12 hr notice for hourly/ stretch limousine services. They will then be given a new cancellation number for reference. If a passenger is a “No Show” they will be charged the fare price.

Q: How do I apply for a corporate account?

A: You may apply for a corporate account either by phone or online with our Online Reservation Form. Or you may also call us

Toll free: 1-877-398-7255