The Coldest and the Warmest U.S Cities during Winter

If you are fond of sight-seeing and traveling, you should increase your geographical and cultural knowledge regarding the places you want to travel to for sight-seeing. This prepares you for what you are going to find in the target destinations. It will help you make right decisions regarding the choice of places to see and what to pack for your tours.

The United States of America enjoys large geographical size and diverse landscape. On account of these and other factors, there is a large variety of climate types in the USA. Miami and Hawaii have tropical climate, Great Basin has arid climate, north has humid continental climate, Alaska has sub arctic climate. There are places like Alaska, mountains in the western states and Death Valley which are known for their extreme weather conditions. The weather conditions vary from season to season. Since, it is winter now; it is relevant and important to know about the coldest and the warmest US cities during winter.

The Coldest US Cities during Winter – Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Rochester, Buffalo, Detroit, Hartford, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Indiana, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Salt Lake City, Denver, ado, Boston and Columbus are among the cities that remain coldest during winter months, according to weather data of NOAA (National Climatic Data Center). Mean daily temperatures for these US cities are typically below freezing in winter, reports Current Results.

The Warmest US Cities during Winter – Florida, Texas and California are known for cities with warm weather during winter months. Florida is a place of pristine beauty containing white crystal beaches which are frequented by tourists fond of sight-seeing and traveling. Florida cities are known for their warm winters. Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville and Orlando are the cities in Florida that are known for their warm winters in Florida. In addition to Florida the cities of the state of Texas are also known for their warm winters. Texas enjoys hundreds of miles of coastline which is frequented by visitors in winter. Austin, Houston, and San Antonio are the warmest cities in Texas during winter. Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, Riverside, San Francisco, San Jose, are the other cities known for their warm winters, according to Current Results.

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