8 Reasons Why You Need Ride Sharing in 2019

Kick Off to 2019: 8 reasons to utilize ride sharing this year.

Hooray—it’s a new year!

Who said you had to have your name sitting pretty in Forbes Magazine before you could be treated like royalty? Here at Global Sedan, we treat every client like a celebrity by ensuring all parameters necessary for making their journey the ultimate experience. After all, everyone loves to be pampered, and we’re all about making every ride a journey. We’re your best bet to arriving at any given event or destination in style.

So, want to know why you should ditch driving yourself around and instead let us pamper you with our services? Keep reading.

Ride in style.

Certain events are life-changing and signal the beginning or end of an era in our lives. These events are so important to us that we allow them to dictate our wardrobes, shoe selection, and even our perfume—but what about our rides?

Not to worry! Now, you can seal the deal with a complete package by booking any classy choice vehicle from our range of fashionable cars—from luxury sedans to powerful Sport Utility Vehicles—so you can have everything locked down to the finest detail.

Do more with your time.

With our professional drivers behind the wheel and you in the passenger seat, you have less to worry about and extra time to get things done or relax. Either way, you’re guaranteed a better experience with our drivers. They’re not only professional and experienced, but they have also been trained on safety procedures, customer service, and sexual harassment awareness and prevention in order to make every ride as seamless and hitch-free as possible.

Go green with Global Sedan.

We all could do with a healthier atmosphere and planet. And what better way to support lower emission rates in the city than to ditch your car and use a ride-sharing service like Global Sedan? It just makes sense to help cut down on the toxic carbon emissions accumulating into greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. We all know greenhouse gases trap solar energy in the atmosphere and consequently increase the temperature of oceans, deviate climatic conditions, and boost crop cycle irregularities, making our planet uninhabitable over time. If everyone in your neighborhood used a ride-sharing company, it would greatly reduce the emission rate in favor of a cleaner, healthier atmosphere and overall planet. So, save the world heroes and heroines: go green.


Riding sharing is all about convenience and ease, which is why our rides can be pre-booked for that special occasion or available on-demand for that spur-of-the-moment trip. The Global Sedan app automatically finds your location to provide you a D2D service. This eliminates the stress of worrying about navigating from one point to the other and ensures your plans and schedules are right on time and seamlessly executed.

Cashless payment.

There’s no need to carry cash around with you when you ride with Global Sedan. This saves you from hustling and bustling for change at your destination point. Fares are automatically charged according to your stipulated payment method, so you can ease in and ease out in style without breaking a sweat. Be sure to take a selfie or two while you’re at it.


Because we at Global Sedan are all about giving you a journey instead of just another ride, your opinions are valuable to us and allow us to maintain our standard of excellence. You get to have your say and tell us what you’d like for us to improve upon, add, or remove after every trip. And even though every one of our drivers are professionals who got their licenses after their backgrounds have been thoroughly checked and reviewed, you can still rate them and provide anonymous feedback to ensure that they maintain the highest level of professionalism. And Global Sedan vows to thoroughly follow up on each and every claim of employee violation.

‘Round the clock support.

Our support team is always ready to respond to any questions you may have about your journey and assist you in retrieving lost or left items. We pride ourselves on our rapid response team, our very own specially-trained incident response team that is available around the clock to resolve any urgent matter that may arise. Call us at 1(800) 308-9886.

Save more money.

Cruising with Global Sedan saves you the regular routine expenses that go into the maintenance of your personal car. You no longer have to worry about gas, oil changes, battery life, tire rotations, wheel alignment, or any other car maintenance. Simply book a ride, sit back, and enjoy professionalism at its best with Global Sedan as you get to your destination in record time.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should let us do the heavy lifting for you in regards to transportation and navigation. We are not just another ride-sharing company—we are Global Sedan, and we are here to take you on a journey.

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