About Us

It’s no longer simply about where you’re being driven—now it’s about how you get there.

That was the realization Edward Mbeche, the founder of Global Sedan, had during his 10 years of managerial experience in transportation. Customers expect more from their rides. They don’t want to simply get from A to B; they want to enjoy getting from A to B.

There is a shift going on in our economy: a shift toward accessible independent contractors offering a level of convenience in our everyday services.

But transportation-on-demand is not a new concept. Taxi services have existed for hundreds of years. For too long, the customer experience was ignored. What separates Global Sedan is its emphasis on higher standards and safety protocols—without sacrificing any of the accessibility the 21st century consumer is used to.

With more training for drivers, better insurance coverage, and an emphasis on the customer experience, we offer more than just a ride. We offer a journey.

  Each Global Sedan driver has a minimum of $1 million of insurance for the customer’s peace of mind.
  High-quality, affordable rides are available on-demand or can be pre-arranged for important future events.
  Global Sedan offers a customizable pickup process featuring multiple spots and multiple cars, which is ideal for corporate clients who need more than “A to B” transportation.
  Drivers are expected to pass mandatory training on safety and customer service in order to better serve Global Sedan customers and provide a first-rate experience.

When you’re moving a big group for a big event, you need peace of mind. It’s integral to enjoying your ride. With a greater emphasis placed on insurance standards for each driver, Global Sedan offers a premium pickup service along with a friendly, helping hand. Next time you need a lift, consider Global Sedan.