The 1,500-Ride Gift for Drivers

The 1,500-ride milestone is a legendary lifetime accomplishment for Global Sedan drivers. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all of the hard work and dedication provided by drivers, we came up with a Senior Drivers Club just for 1,500-ride drivers. This Smart Watch was designed with functionality in mind, serving as stylish and a badge of honor — it’s the ideal Global Sedan tech.


Who can get a Smart Watch?

Only drivers who’ve given 1,500 rides will be given this watch, so if you seen another driver with the same watch, guess what? “It’s a Senior Drivers Club Member


What is senior driver means?

Senior driver means is a professional driver that has the knowledge and experience about the industry and qualified to train new drivers.


I’ve given 1.5k rides — how do I get my smart watch?

Congrats on reaching a rare milestone — welcome to the senior drivers club! We’ll reach out to drivers who’ve given 1,500 rides with an email and a text message to fill out the order form.

The form ensures we’ve got your right mailing address, and then we’ll deliver a Smart Watch to your doorstep.


  • Material: Leather and metal
  • Product size: 253*41.8*13.6mm
  • Supported Languages: English, Germany, Italian, French, Spanish, Russia, Portugal and etc
  • Bluetooth -Supported device: Android & iOS Device
  • Type: Touch screen
  • Pedometer-Heart Rate Monitor
  • Speaker & Mic Supported

  • Handle incoming calls
  • Notification of SNS tools
  • Handles SMS messaging
  • Weather display
  • Phone anti-lost (Find your phone-Android only)
  • Phone camera remote control – Android only