Four Keys to a More Poised Ride

Ever wonder why your back aches after time spent in the car? You schedule chiropractor visits and massages, but the pain still persists.

Backaches cause pain and discomfort, often caused by the position in which we sit.

One of the best ways to avoid backaches is by sitting properly, especially when traveling long distances.

To be poised is to be comfortable.

As either a driver or passenger, nobody wants an uncomfortable ride. Safety is important to us, whether you are in the backseat or the one controlling the

Remember at Global Sedan we offer more than a ride…

We give you a journey, and not just any journey—a comfortable and safe one!

Here are four tips to riding with better poise to keep backaches away, increase your safety, and maximize the enjoyment of your ride.

1. The Two-Finger-Width Test: Place two fingers between the edge of your seat and the back of your knee. If they don’t fit, that means the seat is too far forward. Simply slide your chair backward until there’s enough space to comfortably fit two fingers. If done correctly, your legs will be slightly bent, creating an optimal distance between you and the pedals and giving you optimal posture.

A driver’s proper posture helps ensure a smooth and safe ride.

2. Hips to Knee Level: This can be achieved when the seat is raised upward. Raise your seat until your hips sit higher than your knees. Imbalance could result in sever back ache or a straining of the spine. In the case of an unadjustable seat, use a cushion to help raise your hips.

3. Reclining Backrest: A reclining backrest will decrease the pressure on your back. Your backrest should be declined at an 100° angle. Your head should be aligned above your neck to alleviate pressure and neck pain. The headrest should be leveled with the back of your head. If positioned correctly, your elbows will be slightly bent.

4. Lumbar Support: The lumbar is the vertebrae between the thoracic vertebrae and the sacrum. The lumbar support is not for aesthetics. It helps support the lower back and relieve tension. It relaxes your neck and spine, as well. If you don’t have a lumbar support in your car, simply improvise by rolling a towel and putting it behind your lower back. Adjust it well so that it fits with the curve of your back.

Make the most of your ride—your body will thank you!

Global Sedan… Offering you a safe, poised journey.

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