Request or Cancel a Ride

Ride requests should only be made when you’re ready to ride and near the pickup location. This enables drivers to operate efficiently on the platform. Sometimes you may wish to cancel a ride request after it has been accepted by a driver.

  • Open the Global Sedan app and select your ride type, using the icons.
  • Confirm the Pin is located in the proper location. Then tap the “Set pickup” button.
  • Add your destination, or just wait to tell your driver. Note: Destination is required prior to requesting a Global Sedan Line.
  • After confirming your destination, tap the “Request Global Sedan” button. If you’ve entered a destination, your price estimate will also appear.
  • Your driver will arrive shortly!

If you no longer need a ride, you may cancel it through the app. In certain cases, a cancellation fee will be applied in order to compensate the driver for time and gas spent.

To cancel a ride, tap the caret in the top right corner of the app, and select ‘Cancel.’


You will be charged a $15 – $20 fee for a no-show if it meets the following criteria:

You’re charged a $15 – $20 for canceling a ride if it meets the following criteria:

  • More than 5 minutes pass since you request the ride.
  • The driver is on time to arrive, within 5 minutes of the ETA.

For Global Sedan Line, you may be charged a $15 $20 fee if you cancel multiple requests within a short amount of time. At least two of those requests must get matched with another passenger for you to be charged the fee.


  • The driver arrives to pick you up.
  • The driver waits at least 5 minutes.
  • The driver attempts to contact you via phone or through text message.

The no-show policy is a bit more strict for Global Sedan Line, since other passengers may be waiting on you.

  • The driver arrives to pick you up.
  • The driver waits at least 1 minute.

If you believe you were wrongly charged a cancellation fee, we’re happy to look into it. Please send us a message with the following information:

  • Time and date of the ride.
  • A brief description of what occurred.