Rides That Fit Your Need & Style

Wondering what rides Global Sedan has to offer?

Clueless about the best way to arrive at your destination? To meet customers’ needs and give them the satisfaction they deserve, Global Sedan has made available rides that suit your personality while maintaining budget-friendliness. Rides that move at your own pace. Rides that are enjoyable and memorable. With our customers in mind, we have found a way to make your travels fun.

Remember that with Global Sedan, we offer more than a ride… We offer a journey. Global Sedan has devised names for different vehicles, relating to their respective passenger and luggage capacities.

Want to book for a couple of friends? We have what you want. Want a luxurious drive down the beach?

We have the perfect ride for Our exquisite rides These rides are named based on their characteristics and capacities.

Taxicab Sedan: This ride, our-base model ride, is also known as “Sedan Hare.” The hare, a small and swift mammal, reflects our Sedan Hare in that this ride is smaller, quick-transit option. With limited space, our Sedan Hare is optimal for single passengers who want an affordable, reliable option.

Taxicab Sedan…Taking you with SPEED!

  1. Ride Capacity : 1-3
  2. Luggage Capacity : 1-3

Economy Sedan:  This ride, also known as “Sedan Hyena,” s quite similar to the Sedan Hare. Ideal for a few passengers, this ride guarantees a fast, comfortable ride. “A ride you book as a new father-to-be when you don’t want to miss the birth of your first baby.”

Economy Sedan…Never late!

  1. Ride Capacity : 3
  2. Luggage Capacity : 3

Luxury Sedan: This is an elegant ride with space to occupy everyone you want to bring along to a trade show, event, or corporate meeting. We refer to it as the “Sedan Tiger.” It’s fast, classy, and matches your taste! Sedan Tiger, fast, fierce, and daring, doesn’t disappoint.

Sedan Tiger…Fierce and Flashy!

  1. Ride capacity: 4
  2. Luggage capacity: 4

Taxicab SUV:  No one defies the will of the lion. Why? Because he’s the king! This beautiful ride is enough to carry a family to Thanksgiving dinner at grandma’s without dealing with that crazy holiday traffic. We call this option the “Sedan Lion.” With spacious accommodations and a powerful engine, you’re sure to enjoy your journey.

Sedan Lion…King of all rides.

  1. Ride capacity: 5
  2. Luggage capacity: 5

Economy SUV: In a hurry and don’t want to spend a fortune? We have you covered. Our economy SUV, coined as the “Sedan Cheetah,” is our fastest, best-value ride. With spacious accommodations and competitive rates, this ride is perfect for families and groups.

Sedan Cheetah…The Lightning.

  1. Ride capacity: 5
  2. Luggage capacity: 5

Luxury SUV: The Queen’s ride! This ride fits hand-in-hand with corporate CEOs, high-profile figures, or anyone who wants to ride in luxurious accommodations. Known as our “Sedan Elephant,” we offer a distinguished ride among our exquisite options. Sedan Elephant exceeds expectations. These rides are comfortable during unfavorable weather conditions with enough trunk space to accommodate your luggage, along with beautiful interiors that give you the assurance that you made the right choice.

Sedan Elephant… Luxury, Speed, and Satisfaction

  1. Ride capacity: 6
  2. Luggage capacity: 6

Global Sedan. “We give you more than a ride… We give you a memorable journey”

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