The Safest Rideshare Service

Even though there are numerous reasons to use ridesharing services, the biggest drawback that keeps people from the convenience of all forms of public transit is the fear or sexual harassment or assault.

In the age of the #MeToo and #NoMore movements, a wave of people–men, women, and children alike–are coming forward to demand justice. And ridesharing apps are not immune to scrutiny.

Just last year, ridesharing services across the country have been sued, investigated, and forced to tighten up their security measures.

The number of documented cases of inappropriate language and touching are astronomical, but the incident reports of “more serious” acts like drugging, rape, and battery are jarring.

Our competition has made ethical behavior a “new priority” and has gone through great lengths to install necessary measures like panic buttons, sexual harassment seminars, and hiring high-profile professionals to fix their problems from the top down.

But we must ask ourselves why these things happen in the first place. The people who utilize ridesharing services should be able to trust their drivers to get them from point A to point B safely. Whether they are headed home from a girls’ night or a business meeting, safety on the road and within the car should be the highest priority.

That’s why Global Sedan is committed to providing an enjoyable, reliable, and pain-free ride every time.

Global Sedan only hires the best of the best. Our professional drivers are required to go through a background check that ensures that they are capable, stable, and trustworthy.

Our third-party background check covers at least the last 7 years. If an applicant has committed any form of assault (i.e., sexual offense and violent crimes), has any drug-related (including DUI) convictions, or has any sort of felony on their record, they are immediately disqualified from future employment.

On top of that upfront preventative measure, we empower each rider by giving them a full profile of their driver. You see their name, picture, license plate number, and rating.

We know that sometimes people just don’t get along or are uncomfortable around each other, even in the most professional circumstances. So after your ride is over, you and your driver rate each other. If you’re in any way incompatible, you’ll never be matched again.

If you have any serious complaints, our response teams are available 24/7 and will handle your case quickly, thoroughly, and with the utmost care.

At Global Sedan, your physical safety and comfortability are our number one priority!

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