What is Global Sedan for Business?


Get to client meetings, sales meetings, and airports all over the country with ETAs averaging less than 5 minutes, Global Sedan takes the stress out of traveling for work. Your employees can now focus on the business and not the trip.

  • Employee requests ride.
  • Daily Commutes: Convenient door-to-door transportation.
  • Business Travel: Whether going to a meeting across the city or out of town.
  • Help patients get to medical appointments at the tap of an app.
  • Late Night Rides: A safe option when employees work late.
  • Events: Safe, reliable transportation for all your company parties and conferences.
  • Provide late-night rides for students and faculty on campuses nationwide.
  • Global Sedan app ensures the ride follows company policy.
  • The trip is automatically billed to your company—no cash, no expensing, no reimbursing.
  • Get back hours wasted on expense reports and reimbursements.
  • Global Sedan for Business makes accounting and billing quick and easy.